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Part of the Chills Franchise - Branding . Packaging . Website Design


The Brief.

Chills Ice Cream approached us for a comprehensive branding package, including logo design, packaging design, and more. They sought a clean and appealing aesthetic with distinctive colouring to represent various flavours.

The global non-dairy ice cream market has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by increasing consumer preference for vegan and plant-based alternatives. As health awareness and dietary preferences shift towards non-dairy products, the demand for non-dairy ice cream is expected to continue expanding. Chills Hemp ice cream, with its unique value proposition, stands to capitalise on this trend, offering a novel and sustainable alternative within the non-dairy sector.

Temptation of Cornish Ice Cream

The Brand.

The Patette.

Seafood Kitchen provides fresh fish from the coastlines of Cornwall straight to your door and dinner table.  From a simple interaction, on Looe harbour during a busy afternoon, a relationship was built between us and the S.K team.




The Work.

Back to the Studio.

Fancy Boats Ibiza

Ibiza Spain

RNLI 200th Year Anniversary

Fowey Cornwall

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