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RNLI 200th Year Anniversary

Branding . Packaging . Creative Marketing

Fowey Cornwall

The Brief.

Earlier this year, Cathy Baillie, the Fowey Lifeboat Press Officer, reached out to us to create an artwork for the renowned 'Fowey Pretty Bus Stop.' This bus stop has previously garnered attention and was even featured on German news. We were thrilled that she chose us, especially since we had already been involved in various projects for Fowey lifeboats.

We were given strict instructions to adhere to the RNLI brand guidelines and to include the Trent Lifeboat, the D-Class Lifeboat, and Fowey's Gribbin Head in the background. As a result, we had limited creative freedom with this project.

Despite the constraints, we relished the challenge. Expanding into illustration has broadened our horizons and created new opportunities for the company.


The Brand.

The Patette.

Our color palette was restricted to the RNLI brand guidelines, which presented a fun challenge since most of our clients come to us at the beginning of their branding journey, allowing us to create their color schemes. Incorporating such a bold design with vivid colors had the potential for chaos, but we successfully balanced the dynamic elements with a fun, friendly approach to the design.




The Work.

Back to the Studio.

Fancy Boats Ibiza

Ibiza Spain



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